The Big Things and the Little Things | April at Simple Scrapper

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Since the beginning of this year, many big things have occurred in my family. One big event was my son turning 18. For his birthday, we purchased a car for him. It was a complete surprise! Luckily, I was able to get some photographs of him as he first laid eyes on his new Jeep. I just love the look of disbelief on his face!

Of course I could not wait to scrap this momentous occasion, so my first layout at Simple Scrapper this months tells this story. I used one of April’s Sketch/Templates to help me create this page. The photos are not very bright, so I used a bold yellow background and gold accents to reflect the celebratory theme of my page.

After scrapbooking about such a major event, I turned to a simpler theme for my next page—my LOVE for warm weather. Using one of this month’s Story Starters, I documented how much I enjoy summer and sunny weather.

All the patterned papers I used complement the pictures—the green paper for the vibrant grass and leaves, the yellow paper for the bright sun, and the cloud paper for the beautiful sky.

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Out and About | March at Simple Scrapper

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About eight years ago, my family and I moved from Greensboro, a fairly large city in North Carolina, to a farm out in the country, about an hour away. We still go to Greensboro quite often though—my husband’s office is there and I love to go shopping in town.

This layout, inspired by the March Story Starters at Simple Scrapper, documents our frequent visits to the city.


The photographs I used were taken at several different places, so I pulled colors from each of the pictures and spread them around the page to give the layout a cohesive look.

This next layout tells the story of a trip my husband and son took to a NASCAR race. It was my son’s first race and quite an adventure for both of them!

a day at the races

The photograph I used on this page was taken at the track on a very sunny day with an iPhone, so the picture is somewhat washed out. I used a bold yellow patterned paper to show the excitement of the day that is not quite reflected in the photo.

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Fresh and Happy Meals | February at Simple Scrapper

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Wow! Food must be on my mind—both of my layouts for Simple Scrapper this month are about eating. After the holidays, I have been on a stricter diet—trying to watch my calorie intake and shed some pounds. This change has not been easy, so I am trying to find the positive in the meals that we eat.

My first layout is a declaration of one of my goals for this year—to eat less processed foods by slowly substituting healthier choices. I fear that tossing out all of my favorite junk foods will not lead to success. I used a Sketch/Template from this month’s collection to make this page.

I took these photographs at a nearby international market which is filled with every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable. I am hoping these yummy pictures will convince me to pick up a juicy orange put down the nacho chips.

My second layout documents a celebration of sorts (the Story Starter theme for this month is Celebrate). After many years trying to please my entire family with the meals I make and not succeeding, I decided to let my three children (who are now teenagers) make their own meals. They choose their own groceries and prepare most of their own food. So far it has been an agreeable decision for the whole family!

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Freshening Up | January at Simple Scrapper

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After the rich colors and holiday decadence of the Christmas season, I am ready at the start of the new year to freshen up and lighten up. In January, I find myself looking for pastel colors and soft patterns to create new pages. I used a collection of papers in pink, light blue, and yellow to make two layouts using prompts and sketch/templates from Simple Scrapper.

A few years ago we had a perfect snow. It was deep enough for sledding and just below freezing so the snow was not too slick (and it was not too frozen for driving!). My kids and I went over to a friend’s house where we had a nice sledding party. The pictures I took were not great–it was still fairly cloudy–so I converted them to black & white and cropped them to focus in on the subjects.

I used one of this month’s Story Starters on the topic of Friends Forever to create the page. I also used a past Sketch/Template to give me a starting point in getting these photos on my page in a pleasing arrangement.

My children know that I hardly ever pass up an opportunity to take pictures of them. After we visited a museum one day, we were waiting to meet my husband who was in a meeting. As we were waiting, I noticed that the statues and landscaping around the outside of the museum were as striking as the exhibits on the inside. So I immediately took out my camera and took several photographs of the kids exploring the outdoors.

I used one of this month’s Sketch/Templates to create the page–a great sketch that allows for one focal point photo along with two smaller supporting shots.

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Eating and Growing | November at Simple Scrapper

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It is November already! The year is quickly passing by. Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is approaching. One of the topics of conversation in my house right now is what we are going to have for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

You see, when my children were young, I baked a turkey every year because, well, it is tradition. But every year we had LOTS of turkey left over–no one really liked it. So we decided to experiment with some different entrees–grilled duck with cherry sauce, honey-glazed ham, garlic-roasted chicken, and even pesto lasagna.

Last year we decided to have a buffet of international foods, since my children are all from different countries. We had Guatemalan chicken stew, Ukrainian varenky (dumplings), and Chinese potstickers. The meal was delicious but not at all traditional. So I made sure to document our unusual Thanksgiving dinner on this layout, using one of this month’s Sketch/Templates at Simple Scrapper.


This month’s Story Starter theme is Getting Stronger. When I saw this topic, I immediately wanted to scrap about my oldest son who is finishing his senior year of homeschooling, taking classes at a local community college, and volunteering with our local fire department. He is definitely growing and getting stronger each day.


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