Farm Fresh

For the last few years, our family has been lucky enough to have a flock of hens that provides us with farm fresh eggs. We started out with just six chickens, all of whom laid brown eggs. We were so excited when we found that first little egg in the nesting box! Pretty soon we were getting five or six eggs every day.

A couple of years later, we added a dozen more hens. This time we purchased a new breed that laid white eggs. I loved having two kinds of eggs!

Last year we added a dozen more hens. (Over the years, we have lost hens for different reasons. So we keep adding to our flock as much as we are able.) Most of the hens were the same breeds we already had, but one little chick was different. We could not wait to see what kind of egg she produced!

A few months later, we found our first green egg! Now not only did we have fresh eggs, we had beautifully colored ones as well.

This year we have a new flock of chicks, many of them unusual breeds. Soon we we will have even more beautiful delicious eggs!

In this layout for Scrapbook Challenges, I used a photograph of our eggs showing the wonderful variety our hens lay.


If you would like to see the sketch inspiration for this layout as well as other pages created from this sketch, go on over to the Scrapbook Challenges blog.

Now go create!

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