Google Photos

A few days ago I listened to a webinar for the Get It Scrapped members by Steph Clay about using Google Photos. I am always looking for new ways to upload and store my photographs so I was very interested in learning more about Google Photos.

Currently I back up my photos to an external hard drive and Dropbox. Both of those solutions have been great so far. However, I would love to have an alternative to these storage places.

So far, what I have learned about Google Photos is the following:
* the search function works very well without manually tagging photos
* RAW photos will be compressed to smaller JPEG files
* access to photos is available from any device through the app or website
* the assistant will make movies and collages with photos
* it is free!

If you have many, many photographs I would recommend looking into using Google Photos as a storage or backup solution, especially if you are not currently backing up your pictures.

If you would like to know more about using Google Photos, especially with memory keeping apps like Project Life, check out Steph Clay’s course at Modern Photo Solutions.

Now go create!

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