Just Turn It

One great thing about using sketches is the fact that you can always turn the sketch in different ways to create a whole new look! For this page, I turned the sketch 90º clockwise so that the photograph is in the upper left hand corner. This technique is helpful to use when you have a sketch with a horizontal photograph, but you have a vertical picture to scrap.

My husband volunteers as an EMT and fire fighter at our local fire department. This year he is in a leadership role within the station and I wanted to document that story. I found this photo of him that was perfect for my page. By just turning the sketch, I was able to make this layout with the vertical photo.

This layout was somewhat of a challenge to create in that I was scrapping a photo with bold colors and masculine topic with a kit that has a more feminine feel. To make the page, I selected a light blue cardstock as the background. Then I went through all the papers and embellishments, selecting those in yellow, blue, or red. For many of the embellishments, I only have a little piece peeking out here and there to add layers, but also to adapt a supply on a different theme to this layout.

For example, the yellow paper next to the photograph actually has a subtle fork-and-spoon print on it. By just using a small sliver of the paper, I added color and dimension with a themed product.

So take your favorite sketch, rotate it, and see what you come up with!

Now go create!

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