More Photos Please!

Getting several photographs onto a page is sometimes a daunting task, especially if you are not making a two-page spread. When you have more than two or three pictures to place in your layout, try cropping your photos down to a smaller size.

In order to get more photos on my page, I took a cue from the very popular 3×4 journaling card. I selected the pictures I wanted to use, then cropped them to 3×4. I was able to place four photographs on my page without the pictures taking over the entire canvas. I placed them side-by-side across the page to tell my story.


When my daughter competes in a horse show, I often have many pictures from the event. I like to capture her before, during, and after her ride. So to document this particular event, I chose four photos that showed her getting ready, warming up, riding, and preparing to leave. With the photos in a smaller size, I was able to tell the entire story of the day on one 12×12 page!

If you would like to see more strategies on how to get more photos on your pages, head on over to the Get It Scrapped blog.

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