My December Story

This year I took the class Your December Story at Get It Scrapped. This class was different from any class I have ever taken. Here is a short description of the class: This December, like Dorothy dropped into Oz or Alice tumbled into Wonderland, you will receive a call to adventure. You will move from the ordinary world into a one of magic and tests as the holiday season arrives. The class revolved around me becoming the hero of my own Christmas adventure story. I loved the literature references to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Alice in Wonderland, and Wendy in Peter Pan. Each week brought a new challenge to document a chapter in my December story.

Week One: The Call to Adventure
The first week’s challenge was to document those early signs that show me that the holiday season is arriving. In my first layout, I scrapped about how I can tell that the holiday season is coming because the weather gets colder and we usually have a fire, and that I pull out all of my old holiday magazines and books.


Week Two: Mentors
The second week’s challenge was to think about my holiday mentors—those people who influenced how I celebrate the holidays today. My mom was the most influential person in my holiday life, so I scrapped photos of two Christmas trees from my childhood with a photo of our tree this year. I documented how special it is that I have many of those same decorations on my tree that my family used when I was a child.


Week Three: The Magical World
The third week’s challenge was all about how I celebrate—all of those little things that come along only once a year. For this challenge I scrapped a recipe that I make every year, one that my mom was famous for and made during the holidays.


Week Four: Magical Objects and Tests
The fourth week’s challenge was to document those things that make every holiday different. This week I told a story I had always wanted to document. I grew up in North Carolina so each year we had a Fraser fir from the mountains as our tree. When my husband and I were living in California, we went to buy a tree and couldn’t find a Fraser fir anywhere! Finally, in the very back of one lot, we found one lonely Fraser fir. Of course we bought it!


Week Five: The Reward
The fifth week’s challenge was to reflect on and record how my holiday story turned out. My page for this week was just a short reflection on the peace and serenity that I always feel on Christmas Day.


Week Six: The Road Back
The last week’s challenge was difficult for me in that I never want to give up Christmas. I am always hesitant to return to the real world after the holidays are over. So I documented photos I took at various events we attended at church this year. One of my goals every year is to focus less on the material aspects of Christmas and remember why we celebrate this holiday.


I really enjoyed documenting my holiday in this way. Although I do a Christmas mini-album each year, I don’t always journal in such a reflective way as this class prompted me to do. And because of the journaling I did in this class, I was able to make several goals for things I want to do next year.

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