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Not too long ago, my family and I decided (well, I decided, my family kind of reluctantly went along with the idea) to try a Paleo diet. I had been trying to lose weight and my husband wanted to eat healthier, so in April I took all bread, dairy, and most sugar out of our diet. It was quite a change for us to say the least.

Several months later, we are still eating mostly Paleo. My husband and I have both lost weight and my kids are eating a much healthier diet.

However, now that Thanksgiving and Christmas are rolling around, my resolve is starting to waver. I am bombarded by magazines, e-mails, and blogs with ¬†delicious holiday meals and menus, none of which fit into our diet. So in this season of jolly feasting, I made a layout inspired by the November Story Starters at Simple Scrapper about our lifestyle choice–mainly to remind myself of the many benefits we have seen along the way.

I started with two photos of typical Paleo meals for us. Then I paired the pictures with an older Studio Calico kit and a Sketch/Template from the Simple Scrapper library, I created my layout.

going paleo

This year has been a time of change for my husband, not only in regards to diet, but also in his business. He is becoming more specialized in his law practice and was recently asked to speak at a national conference. Using a Sketch/Template from this month’s collection at Simple Scrapper, I easily put together this page.


In lieu of a traditional title, I cut out the description of his talk from the conference brochure. If you have saved this type of ephemera, use it on your page! You can easily add to or replace the title and/or journaling with information saved from an event.
If you want further inspiration, check out the membership at Simple Scrapper. Each month you will receive Story Starter inspiration and Sketch/Templates that will assist you in getting your memories onto pages quickly and easily. Happy November!

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