Pretty Patterned Paper

I love patterned paper. I love to look at it, touch it, and use it on my pages. I especially love mixing patterned papers on layouts.

Using a few different patterned papers on your page can be a purely aesthetic choice or you can use patterned papers for a specific reason. One of the ways I employ patterned papers on my page is to designate different papers for each section of my page.

On this page, I have used three different patterned papers to cue the viewer where to look to find each component of my page.


At the top of the page, the title is contained by a strip of orange patterned paper. The viewer begins moving through the page with the title and is given a hint as to what the page is about.

Next, the photographs are placed on a large block of patterned paper with a subtle design that does not compete with the pictures. The viewer is cued that the photos are the most important piece on the page through the size and weight of this paper.

Finally, the journaling is place on a strip of patterned paper at the bottom of the page, a subtle print that does not compete with the journaling.

Using different patterned papers to build a page is a very helpful way to create a layout that is meaningful while being attractive to the eye.

For more ideas about using patterned papers on your pages, stop by the Get It Scrapped blog.

Now go create!

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