Scrapbooking an Idea

Many times I create pages that are specific to a special moment in time or a family event that I want to remember. Other times, however, I make layouts that convey a larger idea.

On this page, I featured a photo of my daughter giving riding lessons to my goddaughter. The photograph depicts a certain moment in time–my daughter giving instructions during the lesson. However, what I really wanted to document in this page is the idea of passing on knowledge.


My daughter has been a student of riding for many years. But now she is becoming a teacher to a new student. I used a few different elements on this page to relate this theme.

First, I chose a plain white piece of cardstock as my background, similar to a blank canvas which represents the student on the page. Next, I also picked papers with bright colors to show youth and vitality. Then I chose embellishments with flowers and butterflies to represent the growth of both student and teacher. Finally, I placed the papers and embellishments underneath and around the photo, flowing outward to show the gaining of knowledge and experience by each person.

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Now go create!

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