I’ve never been a trendy person. It takes me a while to warm up (if ever) to new trends in clothing, hairstyles, or scrapbooking. I have a closet full of bootcut jeans, even though the stores are rife with skinny leg jeans. My haircut has stayed pretty much the same over the last ten years. I think I have two pieces of chevron patterned paper. However, I do notice trends in my own personal scrapbooking. I tend to see a design element or technique that I like and then I use it over and over again until something else inspires me. Over the past month or so, I have noticed how I have framed several of my layouts. I used this design element first in this layout about my sister and me when we were young:


I loved this piece of patterned paper, but it was a little too much by itself. The dark brown cardstock frame grounds the paper and gives it definition.

I used this same design for this layout:


I originally had the page elements just on the kraft cardstock, but the layout seemed a little too plain. Again I used a dark brown cardstock frame to give structure to the page.

In this layout, I used this frame design again, but in a slightly different way:


Instead of creating a frame with cardstock, I edged this page in washi tape. I loved this effect and plan to use it again–a new washi tape trend, perhaps?

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