A Week in the Life

Much of the scrapbooking world is involved in Ali Edward’s Week in the Life project this week. I love doing this project each year. What is so special about this particular project? This undertaking can mean many things to different people, but here are the three reasons I love Week in the Life.

3 Reasons I Love Week in the Life

First–I take pictures of things I do not normally photography.


This is a self-portrait I took while out feeding the horses one morning. Normally I wouldn’t bother to take such a photo–but this week I wanted to document just what I do every morning.

Second–I journal about the little details of our lives.


This spread is from my Week in the Life album from last year. I have a full page of journaling for each day, recording specific details about me or our family that I have not scrapped before.

Third–I end up with a cute mini-book that documents an ordinary time period, but will be interesting to look back later.


These pages are also from my album in 2015. The photos and journaling just document what we did that day. At first this album may seem mundane (especially that picture of my Crockpot), but when we look back one day, these details will be interesting.

Why I Will Continue to Do Week in the Life

I plan to do this type of project again in the future. Why? Well, because Week in the Life is a unique way to capture memories. And when it comes to documenting my memories, I enjoy having several different ways to do so.

What I Want to Do Next Year

This year I realized that I had not gotten many photos of what my husband does during the day. I always get several pictures of my children since we homeschool and are together most of the day. I even manage to get a few shots of myself. But I do not seem to capture my husband’s daily activities. Next year I want to set aside a whole day to photograph my husband.

Check back here later to see my completed album for 2016!

Now go create!


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