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I am a wife and a homeschooling mother of three, living on a horse farm in central North Carolina. I enjoy photography, scrapbooking, running, reading, crossword puzzles, all things Apple, and dressage.

My scrapbooking journey began way back in 2001 when I walked into a scrapbook store to buy supplies to make an album for my first child. I had always loved working with paper and taking photographs, so scrapbooking quickly became my chosen creative outlet.

At first scrapbooking was mostly about the art for me. I loved the paper, stamps, inks, pens, and embellishments in so many pretty colors. My children were young and I mostly documented the things we did as a family–going to the park, visiting the zoo, starting Kindergarten, preschool events, and holidays. It wasn’t until a few years later that I realized how important scrapbooking had become to me and my family.

As my children got older, they started going back through my scrapbooks and reading my journaling. On one page I had documented how my youngest son had made up funny nicknames for his older brother and sister. We all laughed as we read the story because we all had forgotten this little detail. I realized right then how I was not only scrapbooking, but memory-keeping as well.

My hope is that more and more people become involved in memory keeping and scrapbooking their own stories. As with any artistic endeavor, scrapbooking does take time. However, over the years I have found many ways to make memory-keeping easier and faster for the everyday scrapper. Through this blog I am able to share my pages, my memories, and my strategies for bringing more memory-keeping into the lives of others.

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