Against the Odds

Margaux has a new young pony that she is teaching to be an event horse. For the most part, Josie is well-behaved and cooperative. However, going to a show is always a learning experience for horse and rider. The last show Margaux rode in was on a cool fall day, which always makes horses a little frisky. Also, the warm-up area was crowded and Josie did not like other horses cantering towards her while going over the practice jumps. Margaux had to work hard to keep Josie focused. Here they are in a calm moment.

Margaux and Josie - Warm-Up

Before the jumping round, Margaux and her coach walked the course to plan how Margaux should approach each jump.

Margaux and Josie

And off she goes!

Margaux to the Jump

Since Josie had been so excited during the warm-up, Dan and I were worried that Margaux wouldn’t make it through the round. Margaux took control though and focused Josie right away.

Margaux Over Jump

She had a beautiful round!

Margaux at Canter

Josie only refused one jump–the last one–a scary oxer in the shadows at the edge of the ring. Margaux did not give up–Josie did make it over the jump on their third try. Definitely a victory for Margaux!

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