Another New Blog . . .

Here I am with yet another blog. I have started at least five previous blogs, but I have always lost momentum with them. However, today, I am pledging to myself and to cyberspace to keep up this blog!! I have all the resources to maintain this site and make it my own little corner of the Internet, so I must stop making excuses. I will mainly be showcasing my photography and scrapbooking. I have taken several photography and scrapbooking classes this year and I have an ever-expanding body of work that I want to showcase. So here it goes.

This year I have been participating in the Twelve. class at Big Picture Classes. Participants in the class were challenged at the beginning of the year to create 12 layouts each month in each of 12 different categories (me, family stories, places, etc.). I have had so much fun with this assignment. Because these categories were assigned to me, I began creating layouts and telling stories that I might not have otherwise. The layout below is a good example:


This is my car. We have had this car for about nine years. It just turned 170,000 miles. It has taken us to places near and far. It doesn’t have GPS, or an iPod dock, or a DVD player, or any other new technology that cars have today. But it has become part of our family and I can hardly imaging driving a new one. Before taking the Twelve. class, I would not have thought to scrapbooking about such a seemingly ordinary topic. But I loved making this page because it brought up so many memories of places we have been in this car. And one day my children will be able to look back at this layout and remember, too.

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