Another Twelve. Story

The last layout I posted was one that I would have never done had I not been participating in the Twelve. class at Big Picture Classes. One of the twelve categories of story ideas is “Rituals.” To me rituals are very formalized events like First Communion or a wedding. However, in the class Stacy Julian defines rituals to include traditions that my family observes that are unique just to us. Since our children are from three different countries, we have incorporated several different rituals into our family to honor our kids’ heritage. I told one of these stories in this layout:


I love to make this bread every year because it reminds me of that so-special time we were in Ukraine to adopt our first child. We had spent almost nine years as just a couple. In 2001, after a long, emotional adoption process, we were finally in Ukraine with our little boy. We were so lucky to be there over Easter and experience a traditional Ukrainian holiday. Again I am thankful that I have been part of the Twelve. class this year and that I have told this particular story that is so important to our family.

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