As Time Goes By

Today I learned how quickly time goes by. I read a blog post that recommended several apps to assist in the writing process. The post did not look that old (I could not find an actual date), so I clicked through on all of the apps reviewed in the post. Only two-thirds of the apps still existed!

Completely dumbfounded, I realized that times and circumstances change so swiftly–especially in this digital age of ours. This insight made me so appreciative to be a memory keeper.


As a scrapbooker, I capture those moments in my family’s life that would otherwise be forgotten. I love to look back at my pages and remember the nicknames my kids had for each other, their favorite toys as children, and what our Christmas tree looked like each year.


So today, before time passes by, take a lesson from the virtual world. Do not let your memories fade away! Create a page that documents a story that you want to preserve. You will be so glad you did!

Now go create!

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