At Home with Simple Scrapper

Every month at Simple Scrapper, premium members are treated with five new sketch templates and ten new story starters. This month the story starters explore the theme “At Home.” As a confirmed homebody myself (see layout below), I truly enjoyed reflecting on these inspirational topics. 

Over the 20+ years my husband and I have been married, we have lived in a number of places. I used one of this month’s new sketch templates to document all of these places.

the places


My family and I moved into a new house with lots of land about four years ago so that we could have a place for our growing number of horses. The farm itself is beautiful, but there are several things about the house that still bother me. We have slowly worked on these changing these things, one of them being putting in new countertops in the kitchen. Using another of this month’s sketch templates, I journaled about this change in “To My House.”



In “Homebody,” I wrote about the fact that I love to be at home, using a past sketch template.



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