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This month we are working with the fabulous August kit from Felicity Jane. I have been having so much fun with my kit, Sweet Smile–this collection is definitely one of my favorites!


For September’s second challenge, the Master Forgers were asked, appropriately enough, to go back to school.

CHALLENGE TWO: Just One Lesson–For this challenge, we’re going “Back To School.” Go back to any class you’ve taken that is scrapbook related and just do one of the lessons. Remember you can take inspiration in any way for this challenge–your project doesn’t have to be the same as the teacher’s. Just let us know what class it’s from, and how you were inspired by the teacher. If you’ve never purchased a scrapbook class, I would recommend checking out the Twopeasinabucket channel or Crafty Jen Schow’s series on YouTube for several free classes.

Not a problem for me–I love taking classes–especially ones involving scrapbooking!

Lately I have been wanting to change up my clean and simple scrapping style and try something new–particularly adding more layers to my pages. I looked back over some of my former classes, but I did not find any lessons that related to this topic. So I found a past Glitter Girl (Shimelle Lain) episode entitled “Fearless Layer Lessons” from the Two Peas In a Bucket channel on YouTube.

I took away two main points from the video that enabled me to use more layering on my page:
1. Each element that is added to the page creates a new space to bring in yet another element.
2. Stamps are very useful in filling in small gaps on the page.

So I followed Glitter Girl’s advice and created this page.


What fun I had going back to school! I highly encourage you to check out this video if you are interested in adding more depth to your page.

Now go create!

One thought on “Back to School

  1. Layers are my fave as you know! And Cedar Lane was a fave as you know! So put the two together including Glitter Girl and it’s going to be a layout that I simply adore! And I do. What a super layout with all that lovely use of Cedar Lane – love every bit of it…

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