Before Your Story — A Personal Journey

A few years ago, my dad gave me a huge box of family photos, some dating back to the 1940s. Many of them were of me and my family while I was growing up. I scrapped a few of these pictures here and there, but I never thought of putting them together in an album. Then along came the Before Your Story class by Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper. I signed up for the class, thinking, “This will be great. I’ll be able to quickly put some of these photos into a cute album.”

Little did I realize how extensive this project would be!

For this workshop, Jennifer has mapped out a comprehensive plan for you to tell the story of YOU—before marriage, or kids, or some other important life event. She shows you how to collect your photos, how to sort them into categories, and how to put together your album.

This six-week journey will show you how easy it is to tell big, complex stories in a single album. As you explore the story of your life “before”, you’ll learn a variety of techniques for simplifying albums using story blueprints and pocket page protectors. This class has been paced over six weeks to give you significant time to plan and work on your album. You will see how the entire project comes together early on, but each week’s content will guide you through the creative process step-by-step. As you work through each phase of the project, I’ll be there to celebrate your victories and address your challenges. –Jennifer Wilson, Instructor

For me, BYS was intense. There were days when I struggled with documenting so much information at one time. But Jennifer breaks down the process into manageable steps to help you complete your album.

When I finished this workshop, I was overjoyed with the result. I now have the story of my childhood and young adulthood documented into a beautiful album! And I was able to use many of those photos I received from my dad. Those precious pictures are now stored safely in an archival-safe format, ready to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Registration for BYS is now open, and class starts on September 17. Sign up now!

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