Pirate Pearl’s Organizational Tips

Ahoy matey! Pirate Pearl “The Albatross’ Curse” Flint here! I hope your October LOAD be goin! well!

I am here today to give you some organizational tips about keeping your supplies under control.

A few years ago, I realized that I scrapped best when I limited the amount of product on my desk at any one time. Up to that point, I had been spending many frustrating hours searching for supplies while working on a layout.

So one day, I opened up a kit that I had recently gotten in the mail and challenged myself to only use what was in that box for my next page. The only things I allowed myself to add were letter stickers or cardstock if needed.

What a revelation!

I made a page quickly and easily, using just what was on my desk. At times my creative muscles were very much challenged as I decided how to make the vision I had for my layout come to life with only a limited number of supplies. Since that time, I have followed this rule almost exclusively and I have never enjoyed scrapping more!

kit exampleWhen I moved into my current scrap space about three years ago, I made a rash decision—I organized almost all of my supplies into kits! I sorted patterned paper into coordinating stacks and matched embellishments with the papers.

kits boxed

Each kit now rests either in a plastic drawer or a large ziplock bag. Because the drawers and bags are clear, I can easily see what is in the kit and which one will best fit the story I am going to tell.

kits bagged

I still have a few items organized by color—washi tape, ribbon, brads, buttons, and cardstock—so that I can easily add one of these embellishments to my page if I need it.

If you spend too much time searching for coordinating supplies when you scrap, I encourage you to make a few kits of your own. Challenge yourself to use just what is in the kit!

This be Pirate Pearl shovin’ off and wishin’ ye a good day!

One thought on “Pirate Pearl’s Organizational Tips

  1. Ahoy and thanks for the tips although to be honest I think I only ever scrap from kits these days. But I very much like the idea of having a better way of storing my kits so that I can see what’s in them. I use mostly pizza boxes and I often go through several before I get to the papers I think will work. Thanks for the food for thought.

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