Capture Your 365 (January 15-21)

The prompts for this week were challenging but fun. I did fairly well keeping up with doing more photography, even during snowstorms and little natural light.

January 15 – Nut


This prompt was perhaps the most challenging–nut? I thought maybe I should take a picture of me after listening to the kids bicker for an hour. That photo, however, would probably have the caption of “nuts.” Then I remembered my new favorite snack–chocolate chips, dried cherries, and nuts. I happened to have a little container full on the kitchen counter  so I snapped this shot.

January 16 – Jumbled


I have two crocks on my kitchen counters–one next to the sink and one next to the stove. Both hold an assortment of cooking utensils. Unfortunately, the one next to the sink (and in this photo) is also the one closest to the dishwasher. As my children empty the dishwasher, they cram every spatula, wooden spoon, and any other kitchen implement into this one crock until it becomes a jumbled mess, while the other crock stands nearly empty. Do they forget about the other crock or is it just too far to walk to get to it? I may never know.

January 17 – A Favorite Toy

a favorite toy

It’s not difficult to find toys around our house. One of the most popular is Legos. Both my sons love to build all kinds of things with Legos. My younger son often builds very intricate models, such as the one above.

January 18 – A Doorway

a doorway

We go in and out of this doorway often–the front door to the building in which my husband’s office is located.

January 19 – Bright


I love taking photos of the sunrise from our front porch.

January 20 – Playing


Stanley had fun playing in the snow. The horses are always frisky in the cold weather, especially when they have had to stay in their stalls during a snowstorm.

January 21 – Equal


Mmmm–two equal pieces of a yummy grilled cheese sandwich at Panera–this is one of our favorite lunches.

That’s it for this week!

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