Capture Your 365 (January 22-31)

Wow! How time flies. I’m getting very behind in posting my CY365 photos. Here are the rest of January’s pictures.

January 22 – Frozen



This prompt was easy in that we had a nice little snowstorm in January. This photo was just one of many I took after the snowfall.

January 23 – Snuggle


This prompt was not so easy for me. I just couldn’t seem to get a good snuggle shot–probably because we spent so much of January inside in low light due to the crummy weather. I did get this photo of my son’s dog, Marigold, on her favorite spot to snuggle.

January 24 – Cold


Another photo taken after the snowstorm.

January 25 – Hands


My son with his new Legos in his hands.

January 26 – Passion


Both of my sons love Legos. They often request a trip to the Lego store for their birthdays.

January 27 – Dislike


As my husband will readily tell you, I am not a fan of winter. This photo illustrates just a couple of the reasons that I don’t like this season–having to wear heavy winter clothes (including boots) and trudging through mud that threatens to pull said boots right off of your feet.

January 28 – Sunset


I snapped this shot as the winter sun was just beginning to set and was casting shadows from the trees across the street.

January 29 – A Circle

a circle

Perfect shot for this prompt!

January 30 – A Faceless Portrait

a faceless portrait

I like taking photos from behind, especially of my family, mostly because they don’t know that I am taking their picture and they don’t make funny faces. I love this shot of my husband and younger son.

January 31 – On the Thirds

on the thirds

These tires are on the playground of the church where my children go to co-op on Tuesdays. They have been a source of endless photo inspiration for me due to their shape, size, and the ways the light plays off of them at different times of the day. In this shot, I filled the left third of the frame with the tires and kept the right two-thirds mostly empty.

Whew! January’s done!

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