Capture Your 365 (January 8-14)

The prompts for Capture Your 365 seemed to me to be a little more challenging this week. I had to stretch my imagination to get some of these shots.

January 8 – Discouraged



This prompt, discouraged, was definitely the most difficult for me. My kids tend to get extremely silly when the camera is pointed in their direction, so I have a hard time capturing any serious emotions. I finally got this shot of my son out in the snow, discouraged because his gloves were getting wet and cold.

January 9 – Peaceful


This shot is one of my favorites for the month. I love taking photos of this fence in all seasons. This picture in the snow is so peaceful.

January 10 – Real Life

real  life

I have no shortage of real life photos. However, I tend not to like them very much because they always seem so cluttered and messy. I do like this shot–it shows my kids and a friend at the end of their homeschool co-op day. Homeschool is a large part of our real life, but not one that gets photographed often. I’m glad I have this photo.

January 11 – Climb


These are the stairs to the second floor of our house. I climb them often. And I almost always have to climb over something on the way!

January 12 – A Self-Portrait


One of the repeating prompts each month is a self-portrait. As photographers, we seldom get out from behind the camera and let ourselves shine. Self-portraits are important–even when we think we look not-so-hot–because our loved ones want to see pictures of us as much as photos of themselves. This month I picked a picture that my husband took of me and my new horse, Stanley, in the recent snowstorm.

January 13 – A Stranger’s Smile

stranger's smile

While this is not a literal interpretation of the prompt, I felt that this photo of my son’s drawing could qualify. The drawing is my son’s vision of heaven–the sun smiling down on us. It’s not exactly a stranger, but more of the smile of someone’s who true form we don’t know.

January 14 – In Low Light


We spent many evenings in January beside the fireplace during a snow fall and then an ice storm. I caught this photo in low light of the fire.

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