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Last year I embarked on the wildly popular “Capture Your 365” project–taking a photograph every single day of 2012. (Last year was a leap year, so it was CY365+1.) I wanted to improve my photography skills and this seemed like a good way to do just that. I started following the prompts on Katrina Kennedy’s website, There are other programs, websites, blogs, and apps that help you through this endeavor, but I liked Katrina’s the best. She sends out a daily e-mail with the prompt that includes a sample photo as well as photography advice and tutorials. I didn’t take a picture every day last year, but I took many more photos than in past years.

This year, I’m renewing my effort. (RENEW is also my One Little Word for this year.) In 2013, I’m focusing less on taking just a random photo every day and more on using the prompt to help me take pictures of new subjects. I found that last year I tended to take pictures of the same subjects over and over. I want to look around me with fresh eyes. Here are the photos I took for the first seven prompts.

January 1 – Resolve


This photo is of my husband–he is working on his resolution to stay fit and healthy. He likes to do P90X in the living room.

January 2 – New Beginnings

new beginnings

Right after Christmas, we decided to take out the countertops in our kitchen and replace them with butcher block ones we found at IKEA. We also put in a new farmhouse sink and faucet. These changes are definitely new beginnings for the kitchen.

January 3 – Repetition


This photo is an example of a new subject that I never would have dreamed of photographing without the prompt. However, when I saw the word “repetition,” I immediately thought of the posts on our front porch and took this picture.

January 4 – Fur


I laughed when I saw this prompt! Living on a farm with horses, cats, and dogs (and other assorted animals), gives me plenty of practice photographing fur. I love this picture of our cat, Tiger, curled up on the fence.

January 5 – Colorful Food


Last year I made an effort to do more food photography. I think it will be fun to look back on these pictures and remember meals that we had as a family. Above is a bowl of chili with beer-cheese bread.

January 6 – With Words


I took this picture on a dreary, gray, foggy, drizzly day on the way back to my house. North 220 is the road that takes me home!

January 7 – Movement


Wake was having such a good time flying up in the air on the see-saw!

So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed using the CY365 prompts. I’m looking forward to the rest of the month!


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