Connections {October at Simple Scrapper}

Several years ago I lost my desire to scrapbook and almost gave up on it altogether. I had a wonderful scrap space full of beautiful papers and embellishments, but I just could not seem to create a page.

Luckily, I found Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories class which helped me start recognizing and documenting the connections in my life. I began sorting my photographs into categories where I gathered pictures with similar themes together instead of trying to keep them in some kind of chronological order. I have returned to those older photographs many times over the years to make pages about connections that are important to me.

So when I started working with this month’s Story Starters at Simple Scrapper based on the theme of connections, I knew that I would be once again returning to my photo categories to create my layout. I began my first page with a photo of my older son and his cousin who had just been at our house for a visit from California. Because I had my older pictures filed by category, I was able to quickly find a photo of my son and his cousin when they were young.

I love the resulting layout that I created with one of this month’s Sketch/Templates. I documented the connection these two have had over the years, even though they do not get to see each other very often. And it is so cool to see how they have both grown up!

across the years

I also learned while taking Library of Memories the importance of documenting the connections we have with the places in our lives. My husband, son, and I recently joined our neighborhood volunteer fire department. My son has especially benefited from our connection with this place in that he has learned to be more responsible and mature. With this page, I wanted to record the particular significance this place has in our lives right now.

growing up

So start looking through your photographs to see how you can document the connections in your life. You can scrap about the connections to the people, places, and even things in your life that are meaningful.

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