Contrasting Styles

Do you know your scrappy style? I know my style—now. I spent many years exploring different styles to find what kind of scrapbooking I loved best. I tried shabby chic, grunge, vintage, and mixed media—just to name a few. Even though I had fun experimenting with each of these styles, I knew that my true style was somewhat simple, clean, and colorful.

However, I still enjoy playing with bits and pieces of other styles now and then. To find inspiration for using different styles, I visited the style Pinterest boards at Get It Scrapped. I then chose two contrasting styles to use on my page.

I wanted to scrap these photographs I took of my farm using the Hipstamatic app on my phone. So I perused the Style:Filtered Pinterest board first. The pins reminded me of the 1970s, so I layered papers with a retro look underneath my photographs.

I was aware that the pictures on my page are quite bold and the patterned papers are somewhat busy. In order to contrast with the photo block element on my page, I turned to inspiration from the Style:Industrial Pinterest board. This style is stark and sleek with lots of black and white.

I used a plain white background with a touch of black on each side to contrast with the vivid photo block. By using these contrasting styles, I was able to create a page that has visual interest, contrast, and allows my photographs to shine.

To see how other Design Team members used contrasting styles on their pages, head over to the Get It Scrapped blog.

Now go create!

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