Eating and Growing | November at Simple Scrapper

It is November already! The year is quickly passing by. Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is approaching. One of the topics of conversation in my house right now is what we are going to have for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

You see, when my children were young, I baked a turkey every year because, well, it is tradition. But every year we had LOTS of turkey left over–no one really liked it. So we decided to experiment with some different entrees–grilled duck with cherry sauce, honey-glazed ham, garlic-roasted chicken, and even pesto lasagna.

Last year we decided to have a buffet of international foods, since my children are all from different countries. We had Guatemalan chicken stew, Ukrainian varenky (dumplings), and Chinese potstickers. The meal was delicious but not at all traditional. So I made sure to document our unusual Thanksgiving dinner on this layout, using one of this month’s Sketch/Templates at Simple Scrapper.


This month’s Story Starter theme is Getting Stronger. When I saw this topic, I immediately wanted to scrap about my oldest son who is finishing his senior year of homeschooling, taking classes at a local community college, and volunteering with our local fire department. He is definitely growing and getting stronger each day.


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