Five Photos from September

As a scrapbooker, I am often looking for ways to improve the photographs that I use on my pages. Lately I have been taking pictures from different angles, zooming way out (thanks to my new wide-angle zoom lens), and getting in close.

These are five of my favorite photographs from last month.


I have always loved morning glories. When I was little, I loved walking through my grandmother’s garden on summer mornings to see the flowers in bloom. Now I have them in my garden.


This year we added ducks to our flock. We have had chickens for several years, so we decided to try something new. This is my husband with one of our Swedish Blue ducks. We have a mating pair, so hopefully we will have eggs and/or ducklings in the spring.


My youngest son has recently taken up archery. This is my favorite shot of him that I took while he was practicing.


Recently I realized that I was not taking as many everyday photos as in previous months. I made an effort last month to take more pictures of our family doing ordinary things. Here is my family (including our 4-legged children) getting ready to ride back up to our house after working in the barn.


This is my daughter and Josie, her horse. They competed in a dressage show in early September.

Look for these photos to make an appearance on scrapbook pages in the future!

Now go create!

4 thoughts on “Five Photos from September

  1. These are all very lovely Kelly! I really like the morning glory photos – I remember growing them from seeds for a Mother’s Day gift in elementary school. I should add them to my own garden next summer!

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