Fresh and Happy Meals | February at Simple Scrapper

Wow! Food must be on my mind—both of my layouts for Simple Scrapper this month are about eating. After the holidays, I have been on a stricter diet—trying to watch my calorie intake and shed some pounds. This change has not been easy, so I am trying to find the positive in the meals that we eat.

My first layout is a declaration of one of my goals for this year—to eat less processed foods by slowly substituting healthier choices. I fear that tossing out all of my favorite junk foods will not lead to success. I used a Sketch/Template from this month’s collection to make this page.

I took these photographs at a nearby international market which is filled with every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable. I am hoping these yummy pictures will convince me to pick up a juicy orange put down the nacho chips.

My second layout documents a celebration of sorts (the Story Starter theme for this month is Celebrate). After many years trying to please my entire family with the meals I make and not succeeding, I decided to let my three children (who are now teenagers) make their own meals. They choose their own groceries and prepare most of their own food. So far it has been an agreeable decision for the whole family!

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2 thoughts on “Fresh and Happy Meals | February at Simple Scrapper

  1. I have so much respect for the amount of journalling you fit on a layout! And how beautiful those layouts are as well! Good luck with the healthy eating goals x

  2. Food is very much on my mind too right now! Also on a diet and moving more and also trying to make healthier choices – good luck to you too! Great pages (I’m late sharing mine!)

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