Getting Your Faces Out of Facebook

Whenever I see my kids snapping away on their phones, I wonder to myself what is going to happen to all those photos?

These pictures are never printed, never slid in to photo albums, or stored in shoeboxes.

Are their pictures fated to remain simply pixels in the cloud?

Then I begin to wonder about all the photos taken by me and my family that never make it off our various devices. Even though I print a majority of my pictures, there are still hundreds that are shared briefly online then forgotten forever.

Take, for example, the pictures my husband snaps with his iPhone. He posts them to Facebook, all his friends like them, then they are buried by future posts.


My husband and my son after a grass fire

Thankfully, these pictures are not truly gone, at least not yet. One day his phone might crash or Facebook may disappear from the web, but it has not happened today. So I am going after those photos before they are really gone.


Me with my horse Stanley riding in a clinic

Every so often I am going to go to his feed and download those photos that I want to keep, print, and scrapbook. I did this recently (see this blog post) and found many wonderful pictures that I cannot wait to scrap.


Me, my son and my daughter after a snowstorm. This picture is special because it is one of the last photos of our St. Bernard, Rose, who is no longer with us.

Luckily, it is extremely easy to download photos from Facebook. Find the photo, click on it, then right-click to download. And now you can take the next step in preserving that photo!

From this point, your choices are endless. My preference is to simply import the photo into Lightroom, do a few edits, then print it so that it is ready for me to scrapbook.

Do not let those great Facebook photos get away! Make a goal to actually do something with those pictures. You will be glad you finally got your face out of Facebook!

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