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Welcome! If you are here from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog hop—thanks for stopping by!

Every year when November rolls around and gratitude is on everyone’s minds, I try to take time to be thankful for all that is good in my life.

In this month of gratitude, the team at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog created projects centered around being thankful. We each used these cute printables from Allison Kimball. I chose one card to create this layout about gratitude.

The first page is a photo of my husband (for whom I am SO grateful) and me, which I placed on the printable. After downloading the printable from Allison’s website, I printed it out on cardstock and colored it in using Tim Holtz Distress Markers. I chose this particular illustration because the wheat reminds me of the beautiful grasses on our farm that turn golden in the fall.

The second page is a pocket page full of pictures that represent many of the other things in my life for which I am thankful:

  1. My husband and son working on a truck at our local fire department where we volunteer. I am thankful that my husband and son have such a good relationship and that my son wants to be a fire fighter. I am also thankful that we are able to give back to our community through our volunteer work.
  2. My horse Stanley. When I am riding, I cannot think about anything else. It is just him and me and the wind blowing through our hair (and his mane).
  3. Scrapbooking. I am so thankful that I am able to preserve memories, take pictures, and play with pretty patterned paper.4
  4. My youngest son doing his school work. Homeschooling has been such a blessing for our family!5
  5. Me and my daughter. My family means the world to me! I thank God every day for my husband and children.6
  6. Our farm. I love living in a home surrounded by nature.

This month, before the busyness of the holidays really sets in, go to Allison’s website and be inspired to create your own gratitude project. Then head on over to Margie’s blog, your next stop on the hop.

Now go create!

8 thoughts on “Gratitude & Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop

  1. A beautiful peak into your life 🙂 I like how you used the graphics and how you combined the 2 different style pages together 🙂 I agree about the farm, we have a mini farm (we call ourselves city farmers and it’s nice to be surrounded by nature 🙂

  2. This is beautiful Kelly! Love the way you echoed the colors of that pretty floral paper in the layering, the distress markers on the printable and those three cute little button. What a wonderful two-page layout!

  3. Nicely done. I can’t agree with you more about being grateful for family and country living. Only with me, it would be driving my tractor (rather than riding a horse) Are the notes in your blog included with the pocket page? If not, you must consider it. Also I love the clean, fresh look of your blog. I am grateful for all the master forgers and the inspiration they provide.

  4. I too love the combination here of the regular scrap page alongside the pocket page and would also agree with Sherrie that you should include the blog notes! Great colouring of the printable and even your choice of which one to use is perfect once the pocket page is taken into account! Thanks so much for joining in on the challenge

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