Grey Skies Embellished Paper Clips

This month at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, the Master Forgers were tasked with creating her own embellishment for an add-on kit. (You can see the complete list of add-on items on the blog.)

With the huge planner craze going on, a wonderful crossover between scrapbook embellishments and planner accessories is happening. Embellished paper clips have been around for a while, but are enjoyed a resurgence thanks to more and more planning going on.

For my kit, Grey Skies, I decided to create my own set of embellished paper clips. I took inspiration from these clips from Heidi Swapp–

heidi swapp clips

and these from Pebbles.

pebbles clips

To make the clips similar to Heidi Swapp’s, I started with large gold paper clip and some washi tape.

washi clip 1

Then I threaded a piece of tape through the clip.

washi clip 2

Folded the tape together.

washi tape 3

Then trimmed the end.

washi clip 4

For the clip similar to the Pebbles clip, I again started with a large gold paper clip, this time with a glittered bow.

bow clip 1

I used this glue.

bow clip 2

And attached the bow to the clip.

bow clip 3

To make the entire set, I used a button, and epoxy flower, and a layered flower sticker and followed the same directions as with the bow. And here is the completed set for my Grey Skies kit. I cannot wait to use them!

embellished paper clips

These clips are simple yet fun embellishments you can easily make to add to your kit this month. When you do, make sure to add your link to the link page.

Now go create!