How Do I Live an Inspired Life?

Living an inspired life–what exactly does that mean? For me, living inspired means surrounding myself with the things I find most beautiful in life. So how do I live inspired?

* I take time to enjoy nature. I live on a 35-acre farm in the middle of North Carolina–it is a gorgeous property! When I go outside, I can see forests, mountains, a creek, my horses, chickens, and the endless blue sky. Right now the leaves have turned stunning colors of gold and yellow and orange. I am never at a loss for inspiration when I turn to nature.

* I listen to podcasts. Since I live on a farm in the country far from civilization, I spend much time in the car going to church, the grocery store, or my kids’ various activities. Listening to podcasts always inspires me to be creative when I return home.

* I play with pretty patterned paper. When I feel that I have absolutely no scrappy mojo left at all, I simply sit down at my desk and pull out a kit (I have most of my supplies organized into kits). Just going through the papers and admiring the patterns will usually spark some small creative fire in me.

It just so happens that listening to a podcast is what inspired this layout–

hello fall

One day recently I was listening to Tracie Claiborne’s new podcast, Live Inspired, in which she interviews Jana Eubank, a design team member at Noel Mignon. I just happened to have purchased my first Noel Mignon kit and I love it! This month’s Golden Delicious kit features supplies with a homey, rustic feel which complements so many of my life-in-the-country photos. Later that day, still inspired by the podcast, I watched Tracie’s video in which she creates a layout based on a page by Jana. Both layouts were fantastic! Together with my Noel Mignon kit and ideas from both pages, I created this Hello Fall layout.

If you are in need of some scrappy inspiration I recommend you check out Tracie’s Live Inspire podcast and video, as well as Jana’s blog. You will be feeling creative in no time!

Now go create!

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