I Want to Finish!

I hate leaving things unfinished. I will squeeze every last bit of toothpaste out of a tube before I throw it away. I will turn shampoo bottles upside down to get every molecule out before I toss them in to the recycle bin. I will read entire books—even if I do not like them—just because I hate to leave things unfinished.

So when I have a scrapbook project that I cannot seem to complete, I get a little annoyed. Every time I go into my scrap room, I can feel that unfinished project nudging me like that irksome little pea that bothered the princess so. But for some reason, I cannot find the motivation to get the project done.

Right now I have three projects that I REALLY want to get done. Each one is in a different stage of completion, yet all remain unfinished.

The first project is a family album. When my grandmother died, my father inherited many of her photo albums and boxes of pictures. He gave them to me since he knows I love to scrapbook. I have sorted the photos and have most of the supplies—pocket pages and journaling cards—but I am stuck at this point.

The second project is a Halloween mini-album. My children have (sadly) outgrown trick-or-treating, and I want to make a mini-album documenting all the costumes they wore over the years. I have the photos and tons of Halloween supplies—but again, no completed project.

The third project is a photo album for my daughter. I have several special pictures from her adoption that I want to have in a scrapbook for her. I have the album, page protectors, and papers I want to use, and all of these items are still sitting on my shelf gathering dust.

Fortunately, a new class is starting soon at Simple Scrapper called The Finishing Project.
This class is specially designed to help scrapbookers like me identify, prioritize, and complete those pesky unfinished projects. Check out the class description:

This instructor-led experience will teach you how to be a scrapbooker who confidently and consistently finishes projects while gently guiding you through the process using your own real-life example.
With your enrollment you will receive customized tools you can use again and again to complete photo books, mini albums, pocket page albums, and (traditional or digital) layout-focused albums. You will reconnect with an unfinished project and see it through to the end with ease and intention.

Honestly, I cannot wait to dive into this class! After just four weeks, I know I will have at least one of these projects done and I will have the tools to assist me in completing the others.

Make sure to register here soon–class starts on March 5!

Do you have unfinished scrapbooking projects that you would love to complete?

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