It’s All About Balance (The Candy Corn Rule)

In honor of the tons of candy corn that will be sold this month, the Master Forgers at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog were challenged to balance the colors on their projects according to the candy corn rule–lots of one color, some of another color, and a smidgen of another color. (You may be more familiar with this rule as the gallon-quart-pint strategy–see below for details).

Challenge #2–Balance the Scale: The astrological sign for most of the month of October is Libra, symbolized by a scale. The second challenge this month is to keep your project’s color scale in balance. An easy way to attain color balance is the “gallon-quart-pint” strategy: feature one color for the majority of your project (gallon), another color for a smaller part of the project (quart) and one color for a tiny part of your project (pint). You can find an explanation of this strategy and a sample layout here and and a video explanation here.

Those of us familiar with the Halloween treat called candy corn can think of this confection as an example of the color balance strategy: feature one color prominently on your layout (like the orange band of the candy corn), another color less prominently (like the yellow band of the candy corn) and another color in just a small amount (like the white band of the candy corn).

On my page, I started with a sheet of patterned paper in a mustard yellow color, similar the the yellow in my son’s shirt. I decided to use blue as one of the coordinating colors. Since the yellow is dark and there is a lot of it, I went with a lighter aqua in a lesser amount. I liked grey as the accent color and used just touches here and there.


So this month, in honor of the ubiquitous candy corn, see if you can create a project with color balance. And remember to share your work with us on our monthly link-up page.

Now go create!

4 thoughts on “It’s All About Balance (The Candy Corn Rule)

  1. There are several fabulous layouts for this challenge and yours is another – the softer blue and stronger grey are perfect for the yellow. Everything really highlights that lovely photo.

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