It’s All Relative

My Aunt Deloris used to make her famous cakes for each family get-together when I was growing up. Her cakes were famous not because the were delicious (they were), but because she had her own unique way of decorating.

She would bake the cake, let it cool, then put on the icing. And then she would start to decorate with sprinkles or M&Ms or fruit. She would carefully spread the decoration in beautiful, neat, tidy rows until she got about halfway done. Then she would get bored and just toss the remainder of whatever decoration she was using on the rest of the cake. The result was less-than-Pinterest-worthy. But the whole family loved these cakes!

Over the years, my cousins and I began calling these “Lorsey Cakes” (we affectionately called her Aunt Lorsey). So when the Master Forgers at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog were asked this month to scrap about a special relative, I immediately thought of this story.

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of one of my aunt’s cakes. So I improvised by using a cake from my son’s birthday as an example of what a Lorsey Cake does not look like! Using this photo and my Grey Skies kit, I created this page.

lorsey cake

Head on over to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog to see what the other Master Forgers have done with this challenge. Then when you have scrapped a story about a special relative, add it to the monthly link-up page.

Now go create!

3 thoughts on “It’s All Relative

  1. What a fun story and definitely a great one to capture for future generations too! Beautiful layout also – I like the cascading buttons down the right side and that you used one of your forged clips.

  2. Had to laugh at the thought that she probably could pass them off as highly artistic today!
    Especially like that tiny touch of washi that matches your custom clip.

  3. I love how you had to state that the photo was not a typical Lorsey cake ! Funny story and isn’t it a shame that we are missing the photos from family stories like these? I really like the sprinkle of buttons

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