It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Ever since I was little, I have been an animal lover. As a child, I loved dogs, cats, horses, unicorns, frogs, turtles, and cows. Luckily, now that I am older, I have a husband who indulges my love of animals. We live on a farm with 6 horses, 4 dogs, 5 cats, several chickens, and 1 turtle.

As you would expect, I have A LOT of animal photographs. This month with the Citrus Twist Kits November kit, I made two layouts about some of my pets.

We have two inside cats, but not by choice. Smokey was supposed to be a barn cat, but we soon realized that he was allergic to flea bites. After numerous trips to the vet one summer, we decided to allow Smokey to live in the house.

My son found Scavenger out behind our barn one day. He was a young, skinny, sickly cat, and I did not think he was long for this world. But we took Scavenger to the vet anyway, not expecting good news. Surprisingly, the vet said Scavenger was fine–he just needed some antibiotics and love. We kept him in the house as he recovered and he now has no desire to go outside. So now we have another inside cat.

In the morning, I feed both cats soon after I get up. (Or actually soon after Scavenger wakes me up telling me it is time for breakfast.) I had a cute picture of them eating together one day, which I scrapped with the Citrus Twist Kit and inspiration from the Live Inspired Challenge.


The next layout I made documents the newest member of our animal family–Lark, an 8-week–0ld Great Pyrenees puppy. She is so cute and bouncy! The photo is one I took of her right after we came home with her. I used a sketch from Scrap Happy for this page.


I am sure I will have more pet pages to show in the future, especially with the new puppy. I have to make sure I document her growing up!

Now go create!

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  1. How wonderful to have so many animals in your life! Your first layout is such a great snippet of everyday life – great photo too. And your new addition is just adorable. The subtle patterns on the paper let her sweet little photo shine!

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