January Favorite Photos

One of my photography goals in January was to take more indoor pictures of my family at home. And I did. But there were very few that I liked. None of them even made my top five list for the month. I’m still going through the photos to determine what I don’t like about them. I think the first change I want to make is in composition. I want to crop in tighter and get more detailed shots.

So these are the photographs that did make my top five list this month.

It snowed early in January. I love to see the snow, but I love it even more when it is gone. I took this picture looking out the door of my kitchen. I love that you can see the reflection of my house–showing how I am warm and snug inside while it is cold snowy outside.

This is my husband and me having lunch at a new local restaurant. The food was fantastic and we had a great time!

My daughter rode on an IEA team for the first time this year. Here she is at a practice ride at her coach’s barn.

I snapped this photograph at the visitor’s center at Hanging Rock State Park. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hike that day, but I still got some good photographs.

The reason we were at Hanging Rock was to pick up my son after his training day. He is working to become part of the NC Forest Service and eventually a wild land fire fighter.

Now go create!

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