Joy in 3×4 | Forgeries on the Fourth

One of my favorite products in any collection is a sheet of cut-apart 3×4 cards. I love these cards because they are so versatile–I can journal on them, use them as a background, or turn them into an embellishment. This month’s inspiration kit at Counterfeit Kit Challenge is this lovely collection from Felicity Jane. Note the seriously cute page of cards!


While putting together my kit, Sweet Smile, I did not have a page of 3×4 cards similar to this one, so I decided to forge my own.

First I cut several 3×4 cards out of smooth white cardstock.


Then, after studying the designs of the original cards, I gathered some supplies that I thought might help me create my forgeries.


The first card I made copied the grid pattern. I simply used a Tim Holtz Distress Pen and a ruler.


The next card copied was the card with a sentiment down at the bottom.


To forge the card with the floral ampersand, I used my Big Shot to cut an ampersand and then covered it with washi tape.


One card has stripes on it with a journaling spot towards the bottom. I used blue washi tape to simulate the stripes and added a clear word strip.

Another card has an outlined floral pattern on it. I used a heart stamp to create this look.

The final card I copied has a pattern down at the bottom of the card with a journaling spot on the side. I used washi tape again as the pattern and added an acetate word strip on the side.

Here is my entire set of 3×4 cards ready to be used with my kit!


Now go create!

One thought on “Joy in 3×4 | Forgeries on the Fourth

  1. These are cute! I agree with you about how useful these mini cards are too. I use them all the time in all sorts of ways. I have way too many too! Ha ha. Very pretty copies of the originals and just shows how simple and individual our forgeries can be!

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