Lessons Learned — Week in the Life

Believe it or not, I just completed my first Week in the Life album. I have followed along for several years as Ali Edwards has led hundreds of memory keepers through this project, but I have never actually participated myself. This year, however, a couple of things pulled me in this direction.

Since January 1, I have been diligently taking part in the Capture Your 365 project and taking at least one photo (usually more) each day. Because of this experience, I felt that I could in fact capture our life through a week of photos.

Also, I am doing Project Life differently this year—monthly instead of weekly. I miss the detail of recording a whole week’s worth of memories. Week in the Life gave me that experience.

Since this project was new experience to me, I learned a few things along the way.

1. Week in the Life (for me) should be called Week in MY Life. Most of the photos in my album are from my point of view. I told the story of our week in my voice. I realized as I was assembling my album that there were many facets of our lives that were not represented in the photos. For example—there is not one photo of my husband at his office—and he spends many hours a day there!

2. Taking good indoor photos is extremely difficult! I spent a good chunk of time adjusting the settings on my camera, trying to get decent exposure. I also moved around a lot, attempting to cut out background clutter. To get photos of me going about my daily activities, I used my iPhone with the timer. I converted many of the indoor shots to black-and-white to put focus back onto the subjects.

3. Always make sure to look at and download photos from the cameras and/or phones of your family! While gathering photos for my album, I just happened to go to my husband’s Facebook page, looking for a specific shot from that week. I started scrolling through his album and found a treasure trove of older photos that I love! I immediately downloaded them and added them to my Lightroom catalog to be scrapped at a future time. I am hoping to do the same with my kids iPhone photos one day soon.

Was this project a challenge? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes! Now that I am finished with the entire project, I have a detailed record of a typical week in our (my) life.

As I was creating the album, I found that there were a few more in-depth stories that I wanted to tell so I added pages with large photos on the front and lots of journaling on the back. I like the juxtaposition of the in-the-moment photos and small chunks of journalling with larger photos and deeper stories. This album reflects how I feel about our (my) life right now—the daily bits flowing along with the underlying principles that define our family as a whole.

Wow! Those were some deep thoughts! I am not sure I realized how meaningful this project would end up being for me. I hope to do Week in the (my) Life again next year!

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