Living the Fairy Tale

This month at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog, the Master Forgers were tasked with creating a project based on fairy tales. I used my kit, Fabulous, to make a page documenting my love of fairy tales and the horses that so often appear in them.

I have always loved fairy tales. And I have always loved horses. So it is no surprise that I would be enchanted when the lovely princess rode off into the sunset on her noble white steed, handsome prince by her side of course!

When the day came that I actually could have my own horse, I did lots of research about them. I came across an interesting fact–truly white horses are rare. So that princess was probably riding on a grey horse, which can look almost white.

So whenever I hop on my almost-white horse, I feel just like a princess in a fairy tale!


Make sure to check out the other Master Forgers’ takes on this challenge at the blog. You may just be inspired to make your own fairy-tale page!

Now go create!

3 thoughts on “Living the Fairy Tale

  1. Beautiful layers under your photo and I like the gold touches too. I always wanted a horse as a girl – I never got one but I did take riding lessons for a couple years.

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