Man’s Best Friend

I first saw Sasha on a local animal rescue site. She is a St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix–big, fluffy, and mostly white. At the time, I wanted to add her to our pack, but I talked myself out of the decision. A few weeks later, she disappeared off the site.

About three months later, Sasha was on the rescue site again. She had gone to someone’s home but apparently did not fit in. At that point I knew that we could give Sasha a good home. She needed to be around people (we homeschooled) who understood the needs of large dogs (we already had a St. Bernard) and in a wide space in which to roam (we live on a farm).

So I talked my husband into going to meet her.

Sasha turned out to be a big fluffy love-bug. She got along with all of our children. We took her home to see if she would fit in with our other three dogs. She did.

But after a few months, Sasha became aggressive towards our other dogs, especially to Rose, our St. Bernard. We were worried that Sasha would not fit in to her third home. We gave her extra attention which seemed to help.

Finally, we realized that our St. Bernard had developed some health problems and did not feel well. She was not being easy to get along with, and Sasha was dealing with the situation the best she could.

Our St. Bernard was put on medication to help and became much less grumpy. Sasha also became more loving and accepting of us and the other dogs.

Our St. Bernard has since passed on and Sasha has continued to grow into a wonderful part of our family. I am so thankful everyday that we were able to give Sasha a permanent home.

This layout, based on a sketch from Scrapbook Challenges and using a kit from Noel Mignon, documents our love for Sasha.


Scrapbooking is such a wonderful way to tell the stories of our pets!

Now go create!

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