Meeting Up

My sister and I live about 4 1/2 hours apart, much to the chagrin of our five children. My three kids and her two kids love to get together! Often we will meet in Charlotte, which is about halfway for both of us. When the kids were younger, we often went to parks or museums. But now that they are older, my sister and I take them to more grown-up places so we can enjoy ourselves too.

Many times we meet for lunch at P. F. Chang’s. The varied menu assures us that all of the kids will find something that they like to eat. Afterwards, since I am the scrapbooker, I make all of them pose in front of the huge horse statue so I can take photos. Very rarely do I get a decent picture of all five kids!

So instead of forcing them to sit quietly and pose, I just let them talk and goof off with each other. I will usually get a few interesting candid shots that are great for scrapbooking.

For this layout, I took a couple of those fun photos and paired them with a large-numbered patterned paper. The number paper reminded me of this particular day because of the prominent “5” in the upper right hand corner—when all of the cousins are together there are five of them. Also, the over-sized horse is reflected in the bigger-than-usual numbers.


Because of the busy background, I matted the photos so they would stand out. I also used just a few embellishments to draw the eye across the page. The black in the patterned paper as well as in the photos helps ground the entire layout.

Take advantage of bold patterned paper—many of your design decisions are already made for you! Simply add some favorite embellishments and your layout is done!


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