Off the Page

Years ago I decided to scrapbook in a 12×12 format, rather than in 8.5×11. I love the symmetry of the square and the room I have to tell my story. However, there are times when my story stretches beyond the limit of the 12×12 canvas. How can I scrapbook beyond the borders of my page?

Recently, two of my three children have gotten their driver’s licenses. My husband and I have been relegated to the passenger seat, both literally and figuratively. On this layout, I wanted to show how my son is driving off down the road and into his future by stretching my story beyond the page. All of the elements on my layout draw the eye up and off the canvas.

passenger seat

First, I placed the photo so that the reader can see the road out of the front window going across and off the page. Second, I tilted the patterned paper underneath the photograph so that the edges are pointing off to the top left. Next, I used a patterned paper with a chevron print that points off the page. Lastly, I placed cork clouds in the top left corner to further draw the reader’s eye off the page and reinforce the theme of my layout.

To see more examples of extending your story beyond the canvas, check out the Get It Scrapped blog.

Now go create!

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