One Little Word | January 2017

SLOW. This word came to me near the end of 2016, as my year with the word CREATE was coming to an end. I know that 2017 is going to bring some huge changes to our family. I want to make sure that I enjoy every moment.

Last year was a year of great creativity for me. I took art classes at a local university, scrapbooked hundreds of pages, and worked for four design teams. I started a photography course and began redecorating my house. CREATE was a word close to my heart.

This year will be a year of many firsts. My older son will get his driver’s license, turn eighteen, and go off to college this fall. My daughter will get her driver’s license and begin her college search. My younger son be a member of our local fire department. My husband is buying an office condominium after years of renting.

And I will be watching every minute and milestone go by with love in my heart and a tear in my eye. I just want those moments to go SLOWLY.

I also will be making some changes in my life to bring the word SLOW into my being. I hope to eat healthier food, do more strength training, be more deliberate in the choices I make, and eliminate as much stress from my life as possible.

I will be doing Ali Edwards’ One Little Word class again this year. I find that the class helps me really explore my word and keep it in my life all year.

So here’s to new year and a new word!

Now go create!

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