Fun with Phone Photography

Last weekend I attended the 5th birthday celebration at Capture Your 365 with Katrina Kennedy. The day was filled with presentations on different areas of photography. One of the areas focused on phone photography.

I have had a DSLR for many years and primarily use that camera for my photography. However, over the past few years, I have found myself wanting to learn how to take better photos with my phone. I also want to learn to have more fun with my phone photos!

Katrina demonstrated several apps that are can be used to easily edit and enhance your pictures taken on your phone. A few of them were new to me, and I am having fun exploring them.

The first app is Afterlight. I have used this app in the past, but kind of forgot about it. This app has a fully functional edit mode along with many interesting filters. Afterlight can be used to take your photo from start to finish–ready to be shared on your favorite social media site or printed and scrapped!

I used Afterlight to straighten, lighten, and apply a filter to this photo.

I straightened, lightened, and applied a filter to this photo in Afterlight.

The second app is A Color Story–an app I had never heard of before. This app will specifically give your photos a vintage feel, along with lens flare and bokeh. With this app, you can take your everyday photos to a fun new level.

I used A Color Story to apply a pretty flare to this photo.


The final app is BigLens. This app allows you to create beautiful bokeh in your pictures. You are able to “paint” a dreamy background with your finger onto your photograph.

I used BigLens to create a bokeh effect around these bananas and also added a nice sun flare.


If you want to have some fun with your phone photos, try out one of these apps. They are all available in the App Store. Afterlight is also available for Android and Windows. A Color Story is coming to Android in the future. BigLens is available on Android.

Now go create!

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