Photojournalist Style

“The scrapbooker working with a photojournalist story style reports events, incidents, and daily life with solid journaling, multiple photos, and a descriptive title. Elements are often arranged in a grid or blocked arrangement so that all the pieces supporting a clear story are present.” –from Story Styles Lookbook at Get It Scrapped.

The photojournalist story style is not one that I use often in my scrapbooking, but there are times when this style is perfect for telling a certain story. I have had photos from my son’s 16th birthday for almost two years that I had not scrapbooked. Finally I decided it was time to get this story told.

When my son turned 16, we planned a surprise trip for him to Great Wolf Lodge. My sister and niece and nephew also joined us which made for a great celebration and many photographs. When I decided to document this event, I knew I wanted to include substantial journaling and several pictures. Using a photojournalist story style, I was able to effectively tell this story while creating an attractive page. The grid format organizes my pictures into a cohesive whole and gives the reader a path to follow through the page.

For more information about using this and other story styles in your scrapbooking, check out the membership at Get It Scrapped.

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