Another easy way to put a new spin on a sketch is to simply reverse it–flip one side to the other. For this month’s sketch, reversing the design results in this layout:

Reversing the sketch has a few advantages–a brand new take on the design, a fresh look for a new sketch, and a way to take advantage of a photograph in which the subject is oriented a different way.

In the first layout I made with this sketch, the subject of the photograph is pointing to the right. By placing the photograph on the left side, the car is visually driving into the middle of the page and not off the edge.

In this layout, the subject is heading to the left. By reversing the sketch, I placed the picture on the right and allowed the subject to visually move toward the middle of the page.

(There are times that you may want the subject to seem as if it is moving off the page, according to the theme of your layout.)

This type of page is one of my favorite to make–I am using up my kit and I have lots of little pieces lying about from my first two layouts. I accented the photograph with pieces of patterned paper that were already cut from previous pages. I used the same technique for the embellishment cluster at the top of the page–layering bits of paper and adding embellishments until I found a pleasing design.

The next time you need a fresh spin on a sketch–just reverse it!

Now go create!

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