Sketch + Pocket Page

A great way to add more photographs to a layout without creating a double-page spread is to add a pocket page. Pocket pages come in so many different varieties these days, so adding one to a layout to include more pictures is quite simple.

For this layout, Meals We Shared, I wanted to create a layout using the many Instagram photos of food that I snapped over last year. I picked one of my favorites and used it as the photo on my actual layout. I deviated somewhat from the sketch, using a 4×4 picture instead of a 4×6 to keep with the Instagram style.

I added a page protector that has one row of 4×4 photos. This first view shows the page protector closed with the layout.

This second view shows the page protector and layout open.

When you have several photos you want to scrap at one time but don’t necessarily want to make a two-page layout, adding a page protector is a wonderful solution! It’s easy, quick, and showcases your special photos.

Now go create!

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