Sleeping Cat

Recently I posted a layout about how our one of our dogs loves the snow. Today I am sharing another pet layout–this time about one of our cats. (See this page and the inspiration sketch at Scrapbook Challenges.)

Smokey came into our lives from the pound as a kitten about five years ago. He was originally supposed a barn cat–he lived in our barn to keep the critters away from the tack room. One summer I noticed that he was scratching himself more than usual. Soon he had bald patches from scratching so much.

I took him to the vet and the doctor informed me that Smokey was allergic to flea bites. After several visits, Smokey’s fur finally grew back. But I could not let him be a barn cat anymore.

So he became an inside cat. And his favorite thing to do inside is sleep on things–my scrap table, my husband’s computer, books, shelves, and my purse (as seen in the photo).


We have enjoyed having Smokey inside and seeing in what new places he will sleep. One day I may have enough photos for a whole mini-album!

Now go create!

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